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    Most of people think that drawing is only for talented people or artists but it’s not true. Creativity is the skill that should be developed like any muscle. Art encourages open-ended thinking and creativity! You don’t need to study fundamental painting techniques as you don’t need to spend so much time for it. There are a lot of simple and creative drawing techniques to spend time with fun. Drawing techniques, we share with you are so easy that you will be surprised. Moreover, drawing exercises have a lot of benefits. Here are the reasons why drawing is so good for you: helps to establish concentration; it’s a great way to improve creating skills and you will start thinking in a different way; drawing develops different areas of your brain and develops strategic thinking that is very useful for your work process. And the most important reason is that drawing helps you to relax and reduce stress level. There are a lot of things that cause stress: a bad day in office, family problems and even bad weather. If you feel exhausted and depressed, try to draw anything to relax. Art therapy helps to balance your emotions and forget about everyday problems. Try to draw simple kinds of ornament drawing will bring you back to your school days but we have few surprises for you! One of the easiest things to draw is animals. Watch our video and find out how to draw animals using coin. Also, you can draw animals made from numbers. Have fun! Moreover, we share simple tutorials how to draw lips, face and hair.
    00:09 Cute sketch idea
    00:43 School ornaments
    03:11 Zentangle art
    09:50 Quick way to draw lips
    19:01 Use coins to draw animals
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