A Mother's Prayer by Celine Dion To Celebrate Happy Mother's Day Love 2013

  • www.TheLivingGuru.com/ : Mother's Day Love Song - A Mother's Prayer by Celine Dion - new version with Mother's Love Prayer LYRICS, specially created by The Living Guru.
    This prayerful and loving video is dedicated to all loving and devoted mothers out there, for your unfailing love and unwavering support for your children. It has taken The Living Guru almost 10 hours to create this video - hope you or your mum likes it :)
    Happy Mother's Day 2012 Happy Mother's Day 2013 and beyond to all mothers who love their children unconditionally
    May you enjoy this special video : A Mother's Prayer, by Celine Dion.
    The lyrics, full of meaning, love and prayers by mothers, are specially brought to you by The Living Guru in the video :
    I pray you'll be my eyes
    And watch her where she goes
    And help her to be wise
    Help me to let go
    Every mother's prayer
    Every child knows
    Lead her to a place
    Guide her with your grace
    To a place where she'll be safe
    I pray she finds your light
    And holds it in her heart
    As darkness falls each night
    Remind her where you are
    Every mother's prayer
    Every child knows
    Need to find a place
    Guide her with your grace
    Give her faith so she'll be safe
    Lead her to a place
    Guide her with your grace
    To a place where she'll be safe
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    About this video : When was the last time you show love to your mother? Do you only remember your mother on Mother's Day 2013 or some special Mother's Day occasion?
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    All mothers will love anything from their children, which comes from the heart. If mother's day poems are not your cup of tea, and if you are short of mother's day 2013 ideas or cash, consider mothers day flowers or roses. It might appear commercial but if you feel it in your heart to show your mother how much you love her, consider flowers for mum. Or simply sing a song for you mother. Or pray for your mother to enjoy peace, great health and love.
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